Intelogical Design can take care of all of your website needs!

Web Development

If you need a new website, web application, or new functionality I can handle that for you. Already have a designer? No problem, I'd love to work with them!

Web Design

Believe it or not, the appearance of a website can be the deciding factor in whether someone wants to do business with you, especially if they are shopping online. Right or wrong, if your website looks dated visitors may wonder if it's secure or if it can be trusted? They are thinking to themselves, "if they didn't keep up on the design, did they keep up on the security?" I have the creativity and skills to make your website stand out from the crowd. We will work closely to arrive at a solution that will be both beautiful and simple to use.

Logo and Graphics Design

Get a simple, recognizable, and meaningful logo that fits your brand and will look great anywhere. I'm also capable of creating any custom graphics you need, including animations, etc.

Product Photos

I enjoy taking photos to showcase your products! Great photos can increase sales. Culinary photos are my favorite, but I'm up for others as well.

Photography Sessions

Having personalized photos on your website helps people to form a connection. The more they know you, the more comfortable they will feel trusting you with their business.  We can decide on a location, but I do not provide a studio. When finished, I'll provide you with the hi-res photos. If I manage your website, I'll get them on your website too.


Having nearly 20 years of professional development experience and knowledge spanning several industries, I'm equipped to guide you through difficult and critical IT decisions.  As a Senior Full-stack Developer and Analyst, I've fully designed and created sophisticated applications from the ground up. I can create system design specs. recommend database designs, provide detailed specs, and data flow diagrams. I can also help you choose between technologies and provide guidance on whether to implement your application with Monolithic, Services-oriented, Microservices Architectures, or a combination.

I'm very familiar with IBM i (power architecture, DB2, RPGLE) and the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP) stacks. I have two years of continuous, full-time development in TypeScript and Node.js and am actively learning Angular.

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